Music Ministry

2022 has been a year of change and required a lot of flexibility.  Just as we were beginning to recover from COVID19, our priest left us.  Since just after Easter we have had supply priests when they were available.  Our deacons have filled in and conducted morning prayer when no priests were available.  This has required a great deal of flexibility in the selection of music.  This is my second year at Kellogg Community College.  I am working to obtain a Certificate in Sacred Music.  This is a program about choir directing and this year I will be the student conductor of the Kellogg Community College Choral Union.  I will be using this experience and the new skills gained to restart the choir at Trinity.  I continue to sing at choral evensongs at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Battle Creek whenever possible.  This year I went on a choir tour with St. Thomas to England and Wales.  We sang services and choral evensongs at both Bath Abbey and Bristol Cathedral.  It was a wonderful trip and I gained new knowledge about liturgies in the Episcopal Church. 

Our pipe organ is in the process of being rebuilt by Steve Warner of Detroit.  Our Moller organ is now seventy-four years old and is beginning to show its age.  In order for the organ to continue working properly there is much work that needs to be done.  The first phase was completed this year. Each of the four divisions of the organ had new switches installed.  This project is being funded by an anonymous donor.  As we continue to search for a priest, I will be working to restart the choir.  This will be my main goal for the coming year.

Respectfully submitted by L. Randall Turpin B. Mus, B. S. Ed, M. Mus