Board of Missions

Trinity Episcopal Church Marshall established a church policy handbook in the ‘80’s. This policy book is referred to as the Green Book. Policies have been written, adopted, reviewed and revised by the vestry members over the years. 

A policy identified at Outreach/Mission #106 was adopted in October, 1987. It reads:

The Policy of Trinity Parish is to make a strong commitment to helping the homeless, hungry, and suffering people of the world and to work more actively to proclaim the Good News by the fulfillment of Diocesan apportionment obligation as soon as possible, adoption at least one (1) Marshall area outreach project, adopting at least one (1) Diocesan outreach project and adopting at least one (1) foreign outreach project.

To enable us to better meet these Christian obligations the Vestry hereby delegates its authority in these matters by establishing a Board of Missions.

In January, 1989, the Board of Missions #107, was adopted. It reads:

The function of this board includes (but not limited to) the following:

The structure of the Board of Missions is: