Board of Missions

Trinity Episcopal Church Marshall established a church policy handbook in the ‘80’s. This policy book is referred to as the Green Book. Policies have been written, adopted, reviewed and revised by the vestry members over the years. 

A policy identified at Outreach/Mission #106 was adopted in October, 1987. It reads:

The Policy of Trinity Parish is to make a strong commitment to helping the homeless, hungry, and suffering people of the world and to work more actively to proclaim the Good News by the fulfillment of Diocesan apportionment obligation as soon as possible, adoption at least one (1) Marshall area outreach project, adopting at least one (1) Diocesan outreach project and adopting at least one (1) foreign outreach project.

To enable us to better meet these Christian obligations the Vestry hereby delegates its authority in these matters by establishing a Board of Missions.

In January, 1989, the Board of Missions #107, was adopted. It reads:

The function of this board includes (but not limited to) the following:

The structure of the Board of Missions is:

Members: Debbie Egnatuk (chair), Ruthann Thomas (secretary), Tom Bayley, Diane Shreve, Ginny Baldwin, Wendy Myers, Paul Rauth, with support from Deacon Wendy Pearson (Clerical liaison) 

Funding for Missions are allocated from Trinity, a line item in the annual budget, fund raising projects, donations from the congregation, and the Georgia Clayborn Trust Fund. Meetings are  the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the chapel at 6:30pm. 

We welcomed two new members to the Board of Missions for 2023, Wendy Myers and Paul Rauth.

We started out the year, excited to resume our preparation and serving of dinners at the Share Center in Battle Creek.  This center provides meals for homeless individuals and families and all people in need.  We committed to providing meals on the 5th Friday.   All members of BOM were happy to be able to do this again.  It is a great gift and also creates fellowship opportunities for our members and others who join in to help.

The Board of Missions coordinated the United Thank Offering this year during Lent.  Blue Boxes were collected and donations sent to UTO.

We organized a Blessing of the Animals in  October, with Deacon Wendy leading us in prayers.  This was held in front of the church, offering treats and water to all who passed by.

In November we again sponsored our fundraising event Mrs Claus’ Purse.  Thank you to Karla Love for organizing the kitchen that offered breakfast and lunch food items.

The Giving Tree project was presented to the parish during Advent.  Warm heads, warm hearts, warm feet was the theme for donating items.  A wonderful selection of socks, hats, gloves and scarves were donated to the Share Center in Battle Creek. 

At the end of the year, we sent $6,800 to 17 different agencies as listed in our financial report as prepared by and giving thanks for Diane Vezmar, our Trinity Bookkeeper.

-Respectfully submitted by Debbie Egnatuk