Digital Audio Visual Evangelist (D.A.V.E.)


● Online attendance has stayed consistent throughout the year. Fluctuating

each week, but remaining steady.

● We continue to reach past and current members of Trinity who are unable to

attend weekly services due to many circumstances:

○ While traveling

○ Illness (temporary or long-term)

○ Unable to drive

○ Located too far to attend in person, but still choosing to worship with

Trinity (we have several who attend from other states regularly)

○ Sermons are available for review after the service for deeper

consideration, or in case we were distracted and unable to listen

during the service.

● An additional camera was added at the back of the church recently, allowing

online participants to see the in-person worshipers, and helping them feel

like they are actively participating in the service with the congregation

● Julie K and Anne B attended the 2023 Diocesan Convention and learned

that Trinity has a much better broadcast/audio/camera system than most

churches in the diocese (though we hope and intend to improve our systems)

● Some numbers from the year: Full Services Broadcast, Recorded, and

Shared in 2023: 44

● Sermons Recorded and Shared in 2023: 30

● Average number of times each service was viewed: 8 (either live during

the service or after)

● Average number of times each sermon is viewed: 13 (always after the


● Services with the most live viewers:

○ Funerals and Baptisms - (Four services - 356 total views) 89 average


○ Palm Sunday - 62

○ Christmas Eve - 48

○ Easter - 25


The broadcast is often imperfect for various reasons. The volunteers are grateful for

your understanding and grace. Some causes of hiccups encountered during broadcast:

● Computer updates cause systems to disconnect unexpectedly

● Cameras attached to chandeliers disconnect unexpectedly

● Great fluctuation in officiants/styles/needs

● Human error

Opportunities for 2024:

● We intend to research camera improvements/replacements

● We intend to Increase engagement with online participants so they feel more

included in the worship service

● Canon Sunil Chandy has been called to serve as Canon for the Central

Collaborative of Eastern and Western Michigan and Coach for Digital

Communities. His specialty as Coach for Digital Communities focuses on

supporting all congregations across both dioceses in establishing or further

developing offerings for worship and belonging through online platforms. We

hope to invite him to Trinity and benefit from his experience and learn from

other congregations.