Bulletin Bits

Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

Happening this week


June 23rd

(The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost)

9:30 am---Sunday Service (Hybrid)

 1:30 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


June 24th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


June 25th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

10:00 am---Bible Study (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


June 26th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

1:00 pm---Senior Fitness (Hall)


June 27th

6:30 am       Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

6:00 pm       Tai Chi (Hall)


June 28th

6:30 am Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


June 29th

9:00 am Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


June 30th

(The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)

9:30 am   Sunday Service (Hybrid)

1:30 pm   Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

Online – Facebook and YouTube

Hybrid – Facebook, YouTube, and in person

For your advance reading and meditation, the lessons for next Sunday, July 30th, 2024, are:

Wisdom of Solomon 1:13-15; 2:23-24

Lamentations 3:21-33

or Psalm 30

2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Mark 5:21-43

June 23rd

Holy Eucharist Rite II 

9:30 am 

Celebrant Rev. David Ottsen

Reader Becky Somsel and Anne Bohl

Organist Randy Turpin

Broadcast Zack Shippell

Usher Wendy Myers

Counters Becky Somsel andPaul Rauth

June 30th

Morning Prayer Rite I

9:30 am 

Officiant Anne Bohl

Reader Tasha Shippell

Organist Randy Turpin

Broadcast Marguerite Grupke

Usher Andrea Tucker

Counters Andrea Tucker and Iva

Celebrations This Week


Tony Boughton—------------June 23

Sue O’Dell—-----------------June 24

David Albaugh—------------June 24

Mary McGuire—-----------June 26

Neil Somsel—--------------June 27

Butch Neufer —------------June 27

Wil Isham—---------------June 27

Sharon Haefele—---------June 28

Luke Isham—-------------June 28

Addison Tucker—--------June 29

Freya Shippell—----------June 30


Colin McCaleb—--------------------June 23

Jacob Allread—--------------------June 25

Andrew Somsel—------------------June 25

Steven Albaugh—------------------June 30


Mike & Katie Olsson—-------------------June 24

William & Anna Martin—---------------June 30


Thank you!!

I wanted to say thank you to the ladies for throwing me a baby shower here at Trinity! It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for all the gifts and words of encouragement. You are all the best and we feel so blessed to be part of the Trinity family.

Newsletter Deadline

Seeing I will be out for maternity leave sometime in July we are doing a combined July/August newsletter. Please have all your articles submitted to me by June 20th for both July and August. Thank you!

Battle Creek Pride Festival

Trinity is partnering with

Resurrection and St

Thomas in Battle Creek

and St.James in Albion to

have materials about our parishes and the

Episcopal faith at the Battle Creek Pride

Festival on Saturday, July 20. If you are

interested in helping at the tables, please

contact Karla Love, Senior Warden or Deacon

Wendy Pearson to sign up. 

Save the Date

Summer Family Nights at Trinity

July 17, August 14

5:30 to 7:30 -Parish Hall

Evenings include dinner, bible study, and/or games. 

A nursery attendant will be available. All are welcome!

Trinity Summer Office Hours - Closed on Fridays

Starting on June 14 through August 23 the Trinity Office will be closed on Fridays. The summer hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm. The wardens can help with an emergency on Fridays.

Bible study and prayer group - NOW ON TUESDAYS!

The Trinity Bible Study and Prayer Group now meets on Tuesdays led by Fr. David Ottsen at 10:00 am in the chapel. July 9th, 16th, and 30th. Dates in August will be Aug 6th, 13th, and 20th. All are welcome. The series focuses on the book "The Greatest Invitation." The books will be provided. All are welcome - come and see. 

Cards would be appreciated

Eleanore Keene-Kennedy

Calhoun Co. Medical Facility

1150 E. Michigan Ave

Maple Grove #717

Battle Creek, MI 49014

Gifts will be carried forward during the offertory

Just like in days past or prior to COVID, the ushers will bring the bread and wine forward to the altar and receive the brass collection plates on Holy Eucharist Sundays. The ushers will then carry the plates down the aisles to collect pledges and open plate money. We will still set the collection plates at the altar rail during morning prayer services. This is beautiful to return to our traditional worship practices.

No Community dinner in JULY

The next community dinner will be Tuesday August 13th, 4:30 to 6:00 pm at Trinity. Bring a friend or two. 

Your help that evening is always appreciated. Please sign up in the Parish Hall to help serve, or bring a salad or dessert to share for the dinner."

Chain of Gratitude

Thank you, Trinity Board of Missions, for the wonderful fifth Friday dinners you provide at the Share Center in Battle Creek.

Thank you to the Family Night set-up team of Sarah Loomis, Deb Egnatuk, Patty West, and Karla Love; These nights can only grow and flourish for families and individuals. 

Thank you to our service volunteer schedulers: Anne Bohl for scheduling the D.A.V.E. staff, Wendy Myers for scheduling the ushers, readers, counters, and servers, Becky Wright for scheduling the coffee hour hosts, Deacon Wendy for scheduling the morning prayer

leaders, and Cherie Riser for scheduling our supply priests.

Thank you, Andrea Tucker, for efficiently serving as Trinity’s treasurer.

Thank you everyone for praying continually for guidance, discernment and wisdom as we partner with St. James to call a priest to lead us into the future. Please pray for Episcopal vocations to the Diaconate and the Priesthood. 

Thank you Jim Murphy, for opening the church each Sunday and having coffee brewed for our


Thank you Fr. David for leading our Book Study group on “The Greatest Invitation.”

Updating the Trinity Prayer List

If you wish to have loved ones or friends added to the daily and Sunday Morning prayer list, send the names and your name to office@trinityofmarshall.org or drop the names and your name in the basket outside the office. Believe in the POWER of PRAYER.

Pastoral Care Committee

The pastoral care committee is running and active! We are here for you!  Please reach out to Mike Renaud (269-830-2403 or pastoralcare@trinityofmarshall.org) for your pastoral care concerns . The pastoral care committee is here to provide support to you for your emotional life, spiritual life, or prayer for your physical needs. Please share with us if you also know of concerns for others.

Emergency Exits

Per our insurance carrier we need to announce our emergency exits in the church, so please note:

-two in the back exiting to the outside

-one in the front left of the altar exiting to the garden door

-one left of the baptismal font exiting to the garden door.



Keri Koch and Jan Christner


Andrea Tucker and girls


Mike and Karla Love


Neil and Becky Somsel