Bulletin Bits

Sunday,  April 14, 2024

Happening this week


April 14th

(The Third Sunday of Easter)

9:30 am---Sunday Service (Hybrid)

9:30 am---Sunday School (Lower Level)

1:30 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


April 15th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


April 16th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


April 17th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

 1:00 pm---Senior Fitness (Hall)


April 18th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

10:00 am---Bible Study (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

 6:00 pm---Tai Chi Senior Health (Hall)


April 19th

6:30 am---Morning Prayer (Chapel)

12:00 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)


April 20th

9:00 am---Marshall Miracles (Chapel) 


April 21st

(The Third Sunday of Easter)

9:30 am---Sunday Service (Hybrid)

 1:30 pm---Marshall Miracles (Chapel)

Online – Facebook and YouTube

Hybrid – Facebook, YouTube, and in person

For your advance reading and meditation, the lessons for next Sunday, April 21st, 2024, are:

Acts 4:5-12

1 John 3:16-24

John 10:11-18

Psalm 23

April 14th

Holy Eucharist Rite II 

9:30 am 

Celebrant Rev. Nixon McMillon

Reader Mike Love and Becky Somsel

Organist Randy Turpin

Broadcast Marguerite Grupke

Usher Ruth Ann Thomas and Diane Shreve

Counters Ruth Ann Thomas and Diane Shreve

Coffee Hour Kerry Koch & Jan Christner

April 21st

Holy Eucharist Rite I 

9:30 am 

Celebrant Rev. David Ottsen

Reader Anne Bohl and Mike Love

Organist Randy Turpin

Broadcast Zack Shippell

Usher Andrea Tucker

Counters Andrea Tucker and Ivan Egnatuk

Coffee Hour Andrea Tucker and Girls

Celebrations This Week


Paula Ivey—-----------------April 15

Patricia Wilson-O’Leary—-April 15

George Quick—-------------April 16

Brent Konkle—-------------April 17

Garrison Osborne—--------April 17

Pam MacQuaig—-----------April 17

Cody Petroff —--------------April 18

Ann Walton—--------------April 20

Scott Grupke—-------------April 20


Karl Loomis —--------------April 14

Wil Isham—----------------April 14

Kit Danke—----------------April 14

Alison Nelson—------------April 16

Franklin Line—------------April 16

William Mack—-----------April 16

Wendy Myers—-----------April 17

Ashley Connelly Smith—-April 18

Sarah Riser—--------------April 18

Cody Wheeler—-----------April 18

Sarah Wasielewski—-----April 20


Jeffrey & Leslie Parshall—------April 16


Welcome our new Nursery Attendant

Kessy Cook

I'm a clerk at Marshall District Library and I'll be a freshman at Oakland Community College Online this fall for an Associates in Library Services. I grew up in Battle Creek but I'm moving to Marshall this April! I like to crochet and spend time with my dog, Misty.

Looking for 2024 Graduates 

Trinity will be celebrating all 2024 High School and College Graduations on Sunday June 2, after church in the parish hall. If you have a child or grandchild celebrating this milestone this year, please let Paula know the name of the graduate and relationship to you, by contacting her in the office 269-781-7881 or office@trinityofmarshall.org. by April 30.

Gifts will be carried forward during the offertory

Just like in days past or prior to COVID, the ushers will bring the bread and wine forward to the altar and receive the brass collection plates on Holy Eucharist Sundays. The ushers will then carry the plates down the aisles to collect pledges and open plate money. We will still set the collection plates at the altar rail during morning prayer services. This is beautiful to return to our traditional worship practices.

St. James ECW News

The Episcopal Church Women of St. James, Albion are planning two events for this spring:

First is a Salad Bar Luncheon for Admin Day on Wednesday, April 24th from 11 AM – 1 PM in the parish hall, 119 W. Erie St, Albion. There will be all kinds of toppings for you to create a great salad! The cost is $12 which includes your salad, drink, and dessert. Take outs will be available.

Second is a Purse Bingo on the evening of Thursday, May 9th. More details will come soon.

The 1st Quarter 2024 Pledge 

Progress Reports have been emailed or mailed via the USPS.  If you did not receive your statement and would like a statement please contact Diane Vezmar.  She can be reached via email trinityepisbookkeeper@gmail.com or in the office on Tuesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Trinity Gardeners Needed

Trinity is looking for parishioners who can lead the gardening and weeding in the beds surrounding the church. Mike and Karla Love have been the committee for the last eight years along with Joe Myers. Joe is moving to Indiana with a new job this Spring and Karla and Mike are having problems bending down. If you would like to lead this ministry, please contact a Vestry Warden.

Leadership Day Workshop at Trinity - May 11

Please save the date of Saturday, May 11 for a bi-diocesan training to be held at Trinity in the parish hall from 10 am to 3 pm. The topics covered will be: Finance and Administration, Communications and Evangelism, Intergenerational Formation, Vestry Leadership, and Ministry Transitions. Lunch will be provided. The movie "The Philadelphia Eleven," a documentary on the eleven women ordained in 1974, will be shown in the afternoon. Watch for the registration info coming soon.

Another UTO grant in 2023

Our United Thanks Offering donations at work! The UTO gave a grant to the Diocese of Iowa for Well Time 2.0. St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church and Women at the Well United Methodist Church are seeking to start faith-based reentry classes in the Women’s Center for Change in Waterloo, Iowa. The Women’s Center for Change is a Department of Corrections-run work-release center for women recently released from the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women. Our program will follow the success we have had with similar programming in the Fresh Start Women’s Center in Des Moines, where we have years of helping women to successfully overcome the many barriers formerly incarcerated women face as they attempt to reenter society.

UTO Blue Box ingathering will be Sunday, April 

28th   Hopefully you have been able to participate in this practice during the past few months. A few boxes have been placed in the collection plate already.  That is fine!  We will officially gather them together on April  28th, yet realize that they will trickle in for the few weeks after!  The wooden blue cross has been placed in the Garden entry (thanks to  Karl Loomis and Charlie West)  to place your boxes as well as putting them in the collection plates.

The Sunday School families have  encouraged you to notice the good things that happen each day, give thanks to God for those blessings and make an offering for each blessing using a UTO Blue Box. UTO is entrusted to receive the offerings, and to distribute the 100% of what is collected to support innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion.  

Trinity will open our Church Sanctuary to Oaklawn Hospital staff

Starting Tuesday of Holy Week we are opening the church for quiet reflection from 9:30 to 12:30, Tuesday through Friday, for the staff of Oaklawn Hospital. The Hospital administration has announced this and we are requesting no food in the church, that beverages are in a closed container, and that they enter and leave by the garden door. 

Chain of Gratitude

Trinity wishes to thank all those who supported the renovation of the Men's first floor bathroom:

Thank you to Patty West for purchasing the vanity, Pat Chadwick for painting the room and removing the sink, Jake West for setting the vanity and plumbing with Neil Somsel, Becky Wright for helping with the light fixtures, and especially thank you to our anonymous donor. The room is so welcoming and bright now.

Thank you to everyone involved in the preparations for Easter at Trinity:

Thank you to Paula Malott our admin assistant, Diane Vezmar our bookkeeper, Pat Chadwick our Sexton, Randy Turpin our music director, Kessy Cook our nursery attendant, the altar guild for so many logistics, the vestry for coffee hour, the worship committee for the Maundy Thursday dinner, Becky Somsel for her trumpet accompaniment, all of the readers and servers, those helping with the Easter egg hunt, Deacon Wendy and Mother Cynthia for officiating, and to our parishioners for filling the Nave with joy on Easter Morning. He is risen indeed!!

Thank you to Becky Wright and Neil Somsel for spending their Spring Break at Trinity:  

They repaired the wooden floor in the parish hall, worked on adding protective glass to the garden door, finished the men's bathroom, put in new faucets in the women's bathroom, reworked the bell tower door, met with contractors to repair some issues, and checked on multiple maintenance projects for the future. Thanks to Tom Bayley for assisting with the raising of the parish hall floor by the choir entrance door. This is truly a ministry and labor of love.

Updating the Trinity Prayer List

If you wish to have loved ones or friends added to the daily and Sunday Morning prayer list, send the names and your name to office@trinityofmarshall.org or drop the names and your name in the basket outside the office. Believe in the POWER of PRAYER.

United Thank Offering this Lent 2024 

This is a time to reflect on your spiritual life and give thanks to God for all your blessings.  This year we have involved the children and Sunday School families  to  learn and provide materials during Lent. We will have an in-gathering of “blue boxes” after Easter. 

 This practice is quite simple.  United Thanks Offering materials and information will be available at the two entrances to the sanctuary. Please take a UTO Blue Box or 2 or 3, a Prayer Book, an information booklet and a puzzle magnet.   Please read the materials and place the Blue Boxes in a visible spot in your home.  The boxes will remind you to give thanks for the many blessings in your life.   As you give thanks, place a coin in the box and simply say a prayer of thankfulness, “Thank you God!”  

If  you are not able to pick up the materials at church, please contact the church office 781-7881 Debbie Egnatuk or Patty West  and materials will be sent to you!

Emergency Exits

Per our insurance carrier we need to announce our emergency exits in the church, so please note:

-two in the back exiting to the outside

-one in the front left of the altar exiting to the garden door

-one left of the baptismal font exiting to the garden door.

Bible study and prayer group

The Trinity Bible Study and Prayer Group continues to meet on Thursdays at 10:00 in the chapel.  We will be studying the Gospel of Matthew.  All are welcome.  Come and see!          

Pastoral Care Committee

The pastoral care committee is running and active! We are here for you!  Please reach out to Mike Renaud (269-830-2403 or pastoralcare@trinityofmarshall.org) for your pastoral care concerns . The pastoral care committee is here to provide support to you for your emotional life, spiritual life, or prayer for your physical needs. Please share with us if you also know of concerns for others.



Keri Koch and Jan Christner


Andrea Tucker and girls


Mike and Karla Love